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originality then and now

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I far prefer the original house...look at all the original hardwoods--look at the bathroom vanity door, that gorgeous grain is real wood! The wood paneling in the basement was most likely real, too. The natural wood warmed the original house, and gave it an organic connection to our roots in the soil, which we all will return to one day.

Yes, it _is_ truly *deplorable* how few people today can understand that real, whole materials (wood, plaster, lathing, mosaics, marble and stone), crafted by our immigrant artisan ancestors, through painstaking hours of love and sweat, are infinitely higher quality than anything made today.

I was just given multiple sets of fine bone china and gold-filigreed state dinner plates by dear old friends who couldn't even sell the stuff. They were told by the antiques store that young people only want Pottery Barn, they don't like formal things because they are afraid of breaking them.
I guess that would be par for the course for the "hook-up" generation: they won't let themselves fall in love, either, for fear of breaking their own (not someone else's) heart. Sad, indeed.

The house was surely originally purchased for a middle class amount of money, and was sold for an obscene, staggering, unfathomably remote sum to most of us. The higher the price, the deeper the spiritual diminishment of the transaction, with ripple effects to our democracy. Until prices come back in line with income, populist rage and envy will continue to build, and articles like this add fuel to the fire.

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