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Visual art has always been important to me, although I have never been drawn to be a visual artist. My mother was an artist and took me to my home city's world renown art museum at least once a month, for mom valued art so much. And I loved those trips, then did the same thing with my daughter (art once a month, altho with my daughter I expanded to performing arts like theater, dance and opera). My ex, my daughter's father, was always boorish when he and I went to art museums together, which I quickly learned not to do. He would see a piece of art that he did not have a clue about and say "I could have done that". I always said to that remark with "But you didn't. The artist did."

I worked a few years as an art essay helper and then was a docent at a world class contemporary art museum for years. "My" museum defined contemporary art as art created within the last fifteen to twenty years and my museum, while having and showing iconic modern art, drew a distinction between modern and contemporary. The great thing about contemporary, which Mehretu demonstrates so brilliantly, is that it is new and contemporary. Again I suggest going to a docent tour at a good contemporary museum. And folks, please don't ever point to a piece of art and say "I could have done that". You are giving away your ignorance.

Art at its best.