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'Ghostly' figure captured at cemetery that is home to 58,000 bodies including a reknowned sea captain

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A ghostly figure has been caught on camera walking through a cemetery containing 58,000 bodies.

The silvery white figure repeatedly floats into view and out in the clip filmed at St James Mount and Gardens in Liverpool.

Creepy footage shows the ghostly figure walking on the path of the gardens and can be seen gliding backwards and forwards.

The clip has been posted on Facebook page ‘The Way I See Liverpool’.

It appears and disappears throughout the one minute 20 second video.

There are also times that the eerie figure, appears to be looking forward and arguably a face can be seen.

The historic 10 acre site is known for its hauntings as it holds the remains of nearly 58,000 people according to historian Mike Faulkner.

On a website of history on St James Cemetery it is reported that there are a catalogue of weird and wonderful people buried in the grounds.
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These include a Sea Captain, stabbed to death in suspicious circumstances in the Bay of Biscay and a midget artist who spent her early years in a Victorian freak show.

Children who died during the great cholera epidemics and an American senator to a sailor, who fought at the Battle of Trafalgar, all found their final resting place in St.James’ Cemetery Liverpool.

Ghostly sightings at the site, which is located behind Liverpool Cathedral, have also been noted before, reports the Liverpool Echo .

People have reported seeing the limping spectre of William Huskisson MP leaving his grand mausoleum where his remains were laid to rest in 1830 after he was run over by George Stephenson’s Rocket locomotive.

A woman in black who dates from the Victorian or Edwardian has also been seen gliding towards a tomb that was ransacked by grave-robbers in the 1970s.

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