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The Last Jedi actor Gwendoline Christie teases 'deeper' film

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Despite being thrown down a rubbish compactor during Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Captain Phasma will return for the eighth instalment in the saga, The Last Jedi.
Of course, Gwendoline Christie — who currently stars in the ongoing series of Game of Thrones — is overjoyed to be returning for Rian Johnson’s blockbuster.
Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the actor teased a “deeper” story that will explore the new relationships seen in Episode VII.
“I was just so delighted to be in The Last Jedi, and for that to be directed by Rian Johnson, who is another director I’ve long admired since I watched Brick, actually; I thought that was a really brilliant piece of work,” she told the publication.

“When I met him, these are huge things to me and things I never thought would happen in my career, so when Rian invited me to read the script, have my thoughts and then to come and discuss it with him — as he did all of the cast members — I was really thrilled to have an opportunity of a forum where I could put my ideas forward and have some back and forth about where we felt things were and where we felt they can go.

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