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First of all, I applaud the efforts of the students and the teachers here.

But as a paper writers expert I have some concerns. First, most kids just aren't that talented at anything. Kids from upper middle class homes can compensate for that with the support and connections from their family and neighborhood. But what about the disadvantaged kids without talent? Magnet skills skim off those who already have the greatest chance to succeed -- and absolutely deserve the oppurtunity -- and leave the rest behind without the people the community most need.

What about just dividing up schools so each one has a heterogenous mix? My high school did that -- which is how I'm in med school now. I'd never have gotten into a magnet school, but once in a school with peers who knew how to study and how to get into college I blossomed. All honors/AP which earned me the scholarships that let me attend college. The New York Times published a map that showed the places with the most upward mobility for kids raised there -- and my home town was near the top.

What's wrong with giving every kid a chance to succeed?

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