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Members of White House presidential arts committee resigning to protest Trump’s comments

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For my research (visit research paper website for more) I've read all of Trumps comments and they disavowed all hate, all racism. I admire him for having the guts to say that wrong was on all sides because It's pretty obvious that it was. I don't think This President should be held to a different standard than President Obama was. I never heard Obama call out the other hate groups like BLM, ANTIFA, or the Black panthers. All he ever did was school evil white people. I really think we as a country would be a lot better off if we stopped ajudicating the civil war. The Civil War is over. I do feel that everyone is using this to just try and keep this Presidednt from doing what he went to Washington to do. He condemned all forms of violence, bigotry and hatred. He called racism evil. The fact that he said on all sides told me he understands what it may take to end this sort of thing. If this had been the Alt left that had done this it would not have been a big problem for most people. People act like the Nazi's are running rampant. This is just a pile on that is being ignited by the media and the left who hates the fact that some of their pet causes are being terminated. Why don't all these people get this excited about all the babies that are aborted every day? This is what happens in a country when you have one side running amuck and the media condones it. It saddens me that everyone is accusing Trump of not disavowing hatred and racism. He did that on all sides. I realize all the tantrums come from the Alt left always getting a pass. They haven't been called out before and they've closed down freeways, destroyed millions of dollars of property, attacked people, etc. As much as all these groups disgust me, everyone should have freedom of speech, even when they are saying things that are awful. The man who ran his car into the crowd and killed that beautiful girl should receive the death penalty.

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