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Upated Dec. 10th 2011, Trying and trying to updatemy old photo, (well Im trying to, it still nothing seems to work, but my newest photos for those curious are at a page on my website far my new photo here on epilogue isnt showing up:)..and why my experience keeps showing zero on here, so Im trying again to fix that. Ive had over 12 years of experience, and doing serious art since high school. My working art experience has been 10-12 yrs. What has inspired me during my life is everything from ancient art, Boris Vallejo, Brooks, (there are painters I have been inspired by, so i will ad the one who influenced me most, Gustav Klimt, I just have to add) also,Frazetta, Rita Ria,Stephanie Law who has magnificent pencil work,Ancient Greek art, ancient Irish art, pre raphalite art, anything done by hand paint and artwise.

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