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United Kingdom

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Art inspired by the dark, ancient tales of Europe, wild elemental nature, shamanic and mystical traditions, and the landscapes of imagination within...

I'm an artist and illustrator inspired by nature, mythology, folklore, ancient cultures, archaeology, archetypes and psychology. I work in a variety of media and styles, ranging from figurative to fully abstract, with many strange contortions in between... I use watercolour, ink, acrylic, oil, pastel, clay, and also create textures using materials such as twigs and sand. My art has been used for book illustrations, magazines, CD covers, card games and has been sold as both prints and original pieces worldwide.

You are welcome to display my art on websites, blogs, etc if it is used respectfully, remains unaltered and uncropped, clearly credits me and provides a link back to my website elementalotherworld.com

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