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Dan's relatively late appearance on the magic scene can be slightly forgiven due to his roller coaster ride of a life so far. Over the years he has been an art student, a forensics consultant and expert witness, intelligence operative, special effects technician, audio engineer and a decorated member of the British Armed Forces. Add to this a social life plus a wife and children and you barely have time to fit in a quick cup of tea. However, Dan's life has since gone full circle and he is now back doing what he loves the most – being darkly creative.

Dan spent his youth collecting animal bones and immersing himself in fantasy books and anything even faintly connected with the paranormal. Raised on a staple diet of horror films, Goth music and the appreciation of everything freakish and abnormal Dan's tastes and unique style had been pretty much set in stone.

Lebanon Circle Magic Prop and Illusion Design has since become a globally revered name synonymous with unsurpassed quality and dastardly inventive illusions. This is partly thanks to a certain mummified fairy which catapulted him into the public eye in 2007 when the mummified Derbyshire fairy appeared in the news. After many radio and press interviews a steady stream of dead fairy commission requests came rolling in. Dan now works from his Kent studio surrounded by a menagerie of gothic terror, dismembered dolls and magic works in progress. His work sells globally with a high profile client list that would put ‘Hello’ magazine to shame. Dan continues to experiment with materials and techniques while incorporating local folklore, Victorian history and aspects of the paranormal and occult into his work.

Dan is also the Art & Design Editor for The Mystic Menagerie magazine as well as providing artistic direction, filming and editing for any magician wishing to commit their skills or ideas to film for commercial release.

Already a major mover and shaker in the world of art and magic Lebanon Circle Magic is a force to be reckoned with; albeit a dark one.

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