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I was born on the 16th of July, 1981 in the town of Katoomba, NSW AUSTRALIA. My family is filled with creative people in both art and music .

I lived in Katoomba until the end of my first year of High School where my family then moved to a small country town in the Central West of NSW, a town where I still live with my own family; a husband and 5 children.

Throughout my childhood, I spent many hours drawing, painting and reading about magical places and mythical creatures. I became interested in the world of fantasy after I was given a poster of a unicorn from my older brother out of one of his magazines. It was from that moment on I became a huge fan of the world of fantasy.

People have asked me why I paint fantasy themed artworks, why not rural landscapes, still life etc. I have never really painted still life, objects or landscapes except for high school exercises. this never came naturally to me, I always felt out of my comfort zone. For me, creating fantasy art is a need, it's like an addiction that I can not and will not give up.

To me fantasy art is not simply about pretty faeries or mermaids, it does actually go deeper than that. I am so amazed at the way a child's mind works. For example, imagine the reaction of a child at about 12 months old, they see a man flying through the air just like a bird.
Naturally we (adults) would look at this flying man and look for the strings, cables or some sort of explanation as to how he was flying. A young child on the other hand would not. they are so naive and innocent they would just look up in intrigue, not questioning the possibilities or the fact that it is not physically possible for a man to fly unaided by himself.

This is what makes me create fantasy art, a place with out limits or boundaries. A place where reality has no place.
This is what i love, to base my art on the ignorance of a child.

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