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My name is Giulio Iurissevich, illustrator and graphic artist since 1998, even though I've always had a strong passion for images. I'm self taught and I live in Pordenone, a small city near Venice. After my studies in law I came back to my first passion: making pictures. I discovered computers and making digital images through photography, another love of mine which I avidly pursued during my first years as an artist, along with music (I've played guitar and sang in different punk rock bands over the years). I started out as a graphic designer, then became an illustrator. My inspiration comes from people, women especially, and music; they energize me and stimulate my imagination. I'm driven by instinct but I'm very severe with my work. I stop working on an image only when I recognise myself in the picture. Often I don't begin with a precise project in mind, but rather allow things to develop as I draw. At the moment I specialize
in fashion, beauty and lifestyle illustration. I'd love to work for the music industry as well, doing covers for example; over the years I've made many flyers and posters for indipendent music festivals, raves and concerts, using different graphic styles. I don't like effects and prefer clean lines. When I represent people I work mainly in Illustrator, but I love drawing and playing with geometries as well, with volumes and colors; for that Photoshop is perfect. I've received excellent feedback from abroad, mainly from the UK, USA, Canada and Germany. This has given me the energy to continue working and believing in what I do.

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