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God Smile Emotions caused by daily life.

"I express through my artwork my deep inner thoughts, dreams and feelings. I cannot pin point where I get my inspiration from as it may come from anything, my dreams, my family, my friends, love, and mainly I just use my vivid imagination with every brush stroke...But I do know whatever talents I do posses come from God. He is my biggest inspiration in life, love, happiness and hope in a world full of sorrow. I rely only unto Him and am forever grateful for Him giving me the ability to express myself through the talents which He bestowed me with - in which I hope to bring peace, happiness, excitement and just a smile or delightful ponder to all people who come across my work of art".


Jasmin was born in Romania in 1984. From the early age of two she had the opportunity to travel to various countries and experience different cultures. Quite often she sketched in pencil the different architectural and design themes that she was exposed to. Her parents took notice of her extraordinary talent and encouraged her to paint and experiment with different techniques and mediums. When Jasmin was only seven years old her family moved to Canada where they settled in British Columbia which they now call home.

In viewing Jasmin’s paintings it is clear to see that through the evolution of self discovery, Jasmin has seized these early experiences to create on canvas, a style of her own. This style takes the abstract human form in vibrant Matisse-like colors to a whole new level of understanding. Picasso once said that he spent his whole life trying to paint like a child. Jasmin possesses skills and depths that a long lifetime could only hope to develop. This brilliant young artist, has been able to reach out to people through her paintings in a way that few artists of any age ever can. Her innocence and sincerity are evident in each of her paintings and yet there is a maturity and sense of self that shines through also.

Jasmin’s paintings are housed in numerous private and public collections in many countries. From Hong Kong to the United States, from Holland to Singapore, International collectors as well as those in Canada are adding Jasmin’s paintings to their personal and corporate collections.

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