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I am a Chicago area resident and spent my childhood in the suburbs. After high school I went downstate to the University of Illinois at to study Architecture. After several degrees and more than 6 years including 12 months in Europe, I returned to Chicago. I grew restless and moved out west to Portland, Oregon, where I got married. Over the next 8 years my wife and I lived in 3 states, including California and Idaho.

I spent several years in the architecture field, before moving to the emerging world of digital graphics, websites, and e-commerce. I started painting as a way to stimulate my creative energy that I could not find in my professional career. I was attracted to Surrealist painting because I felt it closely aligned with my own creative goals. Besides painting, I spend time on photography, walking around Chicago, and going on road trips out west to inspiring destinations, usually desolate and extreme, and always visually exciting.

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You have an awesome talent. Keep up the good job Smile

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