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Hello! My name is B. C. Minton, and I am the author (of Jagg: Origins part one) with Maple Hill Publishing. I have been perusing through deviantart and on here in search of a good book cover to come up with, and I found yours, I believe it is titled "Witch by Kimagu"? It is an amazing photo of a witch in black garb in a wintery forest. Essentially, I am inquiring whether or not I need to buy this photo from you, or acquire the 'rights' to the photo without any cost and merely credit you in my book when it is released?

Either way, you get immense credit for an amazing cover design that will take place in the end. I would like for you to get back to me as soon as possible, hopefully by the end of the week or next week. Smile

If you could please email me your response at bcminton@live.com, then I would greatly appreciate it! Hope to hear back soon!
-B. C.

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