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Little Leviathan, also known as Candace Mason to her friends and family, was born in Canada in 1982 but now lives in the woods of Connecticut, USA as an American citizen.

She considers herself a hobbyist artist, creating her inspired art pieces between tending to a busy life with her wonderful husband and young son. She has produced artwork in the fantasy genre since 2002, growing and refining her talents and branching out to try new things. In this new chapter of her life she has chosen to reimmerse herself into the world of original fantasy art, striving to evolve and to create her best works.

Her inspirations come from a combination of the natural world around her and a busy imagination filled with unique critters feathered, furred, and scaled. Mixing real animal concepts with fantasy creatures is her forte.

Little Leviathan dabbles in many mediums and likes trying new things. She has experience with acrylics, watercolor, oils, colored pencil and even sculpture, often experimenting to combine these mediums for interesting looks.

She is glad to have you with her following her adventures, so please be sure to visit her website and follow her on social media!

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