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Tallulah Cunningham

Newcastle, NSW

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Tallulah Cunningham grew up in Arid-zone Australia (with a few years of childhood in Africa). She has a background in Wildlife management, zoology, botany, observational and imaginative illustration. She has completed a Batchelor of Natural History illustration with Class one honours and is now working on her Masters degree in Illustration at The University of Newcastle.

While enthused about all forms of wildlife Tallulah has a especial fondness for microbats and illustrating cryptobiological specimens. She mainly works in watercolour, graphite, acrylic and colour pencil but is constantly experimenting with new media and techniques.

When not illustrating or researching her subjects Tallulah trains with sword and shield in the SCA (a medieval society), studies Japanese, illuminates manuscripts, spins wool, grows edible and carnivorous plants, practices taekwondo, rides horseback and reads. What little time left over after that is spent drinking tea and planning future projects.

Tallulah has been a part of two Comic book Anthologies so far with a third one planned for later this year.

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