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New Zealand

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I have a degree in creative writing, with a screenwriting specialisation, (2011) from Whitireia Polytechnic in Wellington.
I have a background in performance poetry.
I also have a National Certificate in Television, Theatre and Radio, (2000) from Aoraki Polytechnic in Dunedin (TV major, Theatre minor.) Learned a lot about video editing, directing, scriptwriting, TV station equipment.
I have a Diploma of Art and Creativity with Honours (level 6) in Cartooning and Digital Art from The Learning Connexion in Lower Hutt (2013) which took 2.5 years to study for.
In 2003 I wrote a TV Pilot script that was well-received by TVNZ. During studying for my degree I wrote three feature film screenplays. I wrote my first manuscript (500 pages) when I was thirteen (1995.) I wrote the first complete draft of my first real novel late 2009-October 2013. From early 2012-late 2013 I was web designer for a local school - currently transitioning into game design via learning a new programming language.

I am writing the final draft of my novel due December 2014. I am also writing a blog about movies. And working on scripts for films, with plans to direct.

Eventually I hope to learn java for game development and develop a portfolio for concept designs for the films I plan to make (animation and live action with FX.) And my dream project is to build a 1920's Arcade Machine. I also would like to design and build interactive spaces and robotic games.

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Joined: 03/15/2014
Whitireia Polytechnic - Wellington, The Learning Connexion - Lower Hutt

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