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I grew up in the frying pan of the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, in Texas, in love with the world of fantasy and whimsy. I read as many fairy tale books as I could lay my hands on. I lived in the world of my imagination and many of my Mom's fairy tale books have my scribbles of fairies in the margins. When I was around 11 years old we spent a summer in Crystal Lake, Illinois and one of my fondest memories from there is traipsing through soy bean fields, to get to the public library to check out the next volume in the Wizard of Oz series. Another book that I dearly loved was the The Secret Garden. It didn't have fairies in the stories but I'd be willing to bet that there were fairies in that garden.

Some of my favorite fairy artists lived at the turn of the 20th century. One particular favorite is Arthur Rackham. I love his line work. There are many others whose names I don't know but their artworks live in my collection. I'm grateful to all those who went before me and I'm also very happy about the current enthusiasm for the fantasy genre.

I began my art career studying with my mother, B.R. Gates, a career artist. I continued my art studies at the University of Texas, Austin. I also have musical interests and received my Bachelor in music composition from the University of North Texas, Denton, TX. I was co-art director of Fashion Galleria Magazine, Dallas TX, a magazine for the fashion trade industry and designed New Orleans Mardi Gras costumes one season. (Fun!) When I'm not painting the Fairy Realm I'm mural and decorative artist living and working in the Seattle, WA area. My murals, residential and commercial, range from trompe l'oiel to impressionistic to children's rooms (of course!).

I've also illustrated the following books:

Asher, King of the Stable by Betty Claire Moffatt
The Stars of Childsland by Larry Templeton
When I Go to Bed at Night, by Susan Bassett
The Fairy Godmother's Guide to Dating by Diane Conway
Maternity Dreams- by Cecilia Lance

Published by Chi Wiz Publishers:

Simple Little Pleasures (working title) by Donna Lee
Beatrice and the Magic Garden Hat by Donna Lee
Dragon Days Calendar by Ann Gates Fiser

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