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South Africa
Gonubie, EC
South Africa

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Ernst Fuchs, Hans Bellmer, Max Ernst, H. R. Giger, Jane Alexander, Judith Mason, Demetrios Vakras, Hieronymous Bosch, G. Richter, Wayne Barlowe, Chapman brothers, Alex Grey, Mark Ryden, Bekzinsky, Coleman, Francis Bacon, David Cronenberg, Clive Barker, Orlan, Stelarc,Paul Booth, Damien Hirst, Otto Dix.

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Grens Higher Academic School

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Title: The Ras Steyn Syndrome

As a gestalt my work centers on the multiple meanings of monstrosity. I often use the term insectness to describe the malevolent and destructive part of human nature. The degree of insectness determines the degree of psychological monstrosity. My malformed corporealities are all the more based on the result of disorder manifesting itself in the exterior flesh. As a disjunctive result, my definitions of postmodern monsters (including a modicum of POMO cyber-anomalies) have shifted from interpretations of irrational psychosomatic physiologies based on common fictional shapes of fears, to distorted anatomies generated by isolation, emotional absentia, poly-sexuality, agoraphobia, unpredictable multiplicity or fractal virtualization, inert narcissism, and ‘sterile’ numbness.

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