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Fantasy artist Samantha Nowak was born in Nuremburg, Germany (considered a US citizen born abroad) and grew up a military brat, moving around most of her childhood and into her teenage years. She has always drawn; fantasy, fairy tale and mythology have been a major inspiration for her artwork. In 2005 she graduated from the University of Saint Mary with a BA in Art, area of emphasis in illustration. After a company downsize in 2008 Samantha was given a blessing in disguise – go find a new graphic design job, or tread into the world of freelancing art and illustration, the area of her true passion. She choose the latter and has never looked back.

Since then Samantha has done freelance work in graphic design, webpage design, character design, and illustration work for a children’s book, novellas, and comic book covers. Over the past year she has focused more on personal artwork and licensing, and taken fewer freelancing jobs.

The art collection of Samantha’s ranges from cute and enchanting, like the characters she creates for her Enchanted Names series and elegant watercolor faeries, to more dark and haunting, like the pieces Raven Witch and Morrigan. While the range from dark to light may create an unusual spectrum of artwork, it allows Samantha to express herself in multiple areas. In many of her fantasy pieces you will find symbolism, for Samantha highly enjoys researching mythology and placing colors, symbols, or items of significance in her paintings.

When not working on a painting, Samantha also plots and schemes creating graphic novels. She loves drawing comics, and has many story ideas, which she hopes someday to be published.

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