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United Kingdom
Norwich, NFK
United Kingdom

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I left school to earn a wage, I find this hard to believe as I was obsessed with painting at school. So after 20 years of bringing my children u - although I still painted at home, I gave up my job as a make-up artist to pursue my Dreams.
I painted and painted everyday, well maybe the odd weekend off, then submitted to an agent, who took me on in America. Now i'm living the dream.
I love to use my imagination and colour - Once the seed is sown with the subject matter then it evolves on my canvas, or board depending.
My inspiration comes from interesting people I meet, I love to take picture of character faces to evolve them in my world..
I've exhibited in various different cities and been interviewed on the television and Radio. I have two books out "Dreams of Art and "Fairy relaxing colouring book. I'm always setting myself goals so i'm excited for the future as my work evolves...

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