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Un Creyo (Spiritus MercuriU.S.)

I’m giving back to the Universe what the Uni-VERSE gave to me. 'Participacion Mystique'
I’m letting go of what is. 'Being!' Of what is becoming. L’ Avenir. Letting go of what I AM up to now which in turning echoes what is. ((Grade)echo. Letting go, for there is no need to take. Everything has been given to you. The Potlatch! Every-thing and no-thing is in front of you. Gnosis! Therefore, let go of what you possess. Deseo. For when one lets go, one receives. What does one gain by worrying of the day. Oh anxious eye! One must learn to breathe again. The first breath was born from a seRene one. (Circular Time) The second from an earnest one. (Linear Time) Unos Mundos. Death to all anxious objects!
I’m in the world now. I’m out of the wor(l)d now.
“The Uroboros”
Between and including Consciousness and Unconsciousness there is becoming. There is connectedness. Mysterium Coniunctionis. There is balance. It is a prime mover. It is creation. We are the re-sounding fact of creativeness. ((Grade)echo returns! It is sufficient unto itself. That is all!
-Rene´Angulo Trujillo "OtrO Angulo" November 2004

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