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There is only abstract.
Everything else comes from abstract.
Nothing happens that is contrary to abstract.
Ego might appear to be contrary to abstract - but it is not.
Ego “points” to abstract.
Yet ego also seems to have the ability to “misinterpret” abstract
- and become pre-occupied with itself.
A major part of this misinterpretation is relevant to “individuality”.
Individuality is made manifest by employing an “observer”.
For instance, initially a baby is taught that it is an individual by its parents. The parents will impress upon the child that they are “mummy” or “daddy” - and they will begin to install the idea of the child’s dependency upon them.

Thus starts the establishment of “me” and “you”,
but always from “my” point of view
- the individualistic point of view of the “observer”.
Wonderfully, this "misinterpretation" is actually the sum total of abstract! So abstract accommodates any contradictions - as being ... itself!!

Puzzled? Don't be ... even your puzzlement is an embodiment of abstract ... it is just that you are looking at it from an observers point of view.

... And abstract is unobserved.

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