Mistress Barion Eidan by marielu

Mistress Barion Eidan

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Artwork Stats
Added: Aug 10, 2001
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A realistic version of my character Jade Barion, of the Order of the Eidan Nymphs. I should dedicate this to Socar Myles; thanks so much for your cloud tutorial. XD They turned out funny in this one, but at least it's ten times better than any clouds I've done before!

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this is a well done picture you drew. i dont know, this could be my favorite one that i have seen.

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Wow, this is so beautiful. I love the colors and everything. She reminds me of Brittany Spears XD! But that's a compliment... heheh

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hi ummm im on harry potter and i was wandering if i could use this picture for my character i just think its beautiful screw that guy i think you did great on every thing including the ear! haha

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Lovely colours! wonderful portrait!

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Thanks...that thing gave me such a headache when working on it. ^^; Crappy tablet...

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Thanks so much, Mark~ I'm very flattered seeing such a message from you. Smile

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the thingoid that goes around her head looks pretty cool, you know?

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Thank you for all the wonderful comments. ^^; *bows to her superiors* Roel: Yeah, the ear is horrid... Tongue I'll be sure to focus more on that in the future~ Christiaan: Thanks so much! You're my idol... Laughing out loud Christy: Ahhh~ XD *dies* Stephanie: Thanks~~ Actually, the gems didn't take nearly as long as everything else did, ironically. Smile Glad you like them, though~

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I see what you mean about the clouds, never mind practice makes perfect. I loce the girl and her jewels, the green gems have real depth and glow to them. It must of taken alot of work to get them so perfect.

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Beautiful portrait, I really like the vibrant colors and the softer, blurry background. I enjoyed looking through your gallery, you have quite a lot of skill and talent allready.

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beautiful skin tones and lovel eyes. u seem to hava good grasp on colouring, at ur age thats impressive. i love the green eyes and the other green eleemnts in the picture which tie it all togheter.

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Lovely hair. Could've done better on her ear, though.

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Beautiful portrait Marie, very striking colours -something that is difficult to pull off, but you manage it well.

Art at its best.