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Added: Mar 19, 2002
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"Let me take this moment to warn you of the Phantom. At first glance he will seem a decent boy, equipped with a face and mouth too sweet to hide secrets, and large eyes framed by pale lashes with irises scorched a lighter blue in the morning—-only his quiet movements hint of a deceptive nature."

His best friend describing the protagonist.

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This guy looks so freaken hot!!!!!! cant wait to see what else you can do.

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I like this image... The lines of the portrait itself are very clean and clear, while the background is a blur, and seems almost surreal, or like it's raining. It makes a nice contrast, and makes the background noticeable without drawing too much attention away from the character.

He seems to have a black eye, perhaps recently he got into a fight? His expression is gorgeous, he's got that "what are YOU looking at?" look in his eyes. The hair is also very nice, it looks very shiny and you can tell what color it'd be if the picture was full color, even though it's all different tones of green.

I think the best part of the picture is the hair, and the determined look in his eyes. Beautiful piece.

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This guy is so handsome. He looks like he is about to just start speaking... it makes me think of japanese animation but this is much more detailed. : )

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He is painfully beautiful. I love how you made him look dangerous and innocent at the same time. I'm interested in this story. Are you posting online or publishing it? If it's online, would you mind giving me a link? Thank you.

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This pic reminds me of this realy hot guy my friend has a crush on!^.^! Its a realy nice pic. Keep up the good work!

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Thanks, I'm glad you like it~ Laughing out loud

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I love the subtle background and the smooth, clean rendering on the figure. Ordinarily, I don't much like green, but it looks great here. His face looks like porcelain.

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Hey, that's pretty cool that someone irl has hair like that...I've always liked hair layered that way, though I've yet to see anyone with it. Smile

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Thank you, I'm glad you like it! Smile

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You do good portraits..when i go to draw something close up it looks blockish. You know, like news paper comics. lol, Dilbert!!! Don't ask. This guy is cool. He's got some seriously fair skin..the hair reminds me of this one person i saw a couple days. Her hair was like a mahogany color and it was dark at the roots and light at the tips. It was awesome!!! especially the way her hair (and this guy's hair) was fixed...

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beautiful!Like the expression on his face, and the hair seems very realistic.Beautiful style, you're a great talent:)

Art at its best.