Gamble by marielu


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Artwork Stats
Added: Mar 20, 2002
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I've been itching to draw this guy for some time now, and I finally got a chance to lately. Smile I guess this is a gift to Linda Bergkvist, for her amazingly creative characters and gorgeous artworks. Gamble rocks. Tongue This picture isn't really creative or anything...just something that I had to get out of my system. Hope no one minds. ^^;

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all i can say

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MM, when I saw this I really thought it looked like Bergkvist art- well no wonder! It's amazing. Linda's God. ^_^

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Your gamble's cool.
So's Lindas.
Oh how i love this site.........

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yay! its like Lindas! i love this one. ((go Linda and Marie!))

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oh i love i love it he is sorta cute now i have a new crush yippe* jumps up hitting knees on her keyboard* owwee!!!

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Beautiful rendition! I love how your style combines realism with a hint of anime. I could tell who this was before even reading the title.

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Thanks~~ He's not my character, though, so watch the copyrights... ^^;

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are you sick of me posting comments yet? Smile lol, I love your art...its so amazing...i'm trying to gather ideas for a writing contest and i think this gamble character might just have given me one...*grin*

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Thank you, Jean! Wow, what a compliment from such a talented artist... *humbled*

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This is cool I love his expression really nice Marie.

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Thank ye~~ Smile

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Gah! She likes it! Laughing out loud

Thank you, Linda, I'm glad it turned out like you picture him to look. Smile

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YES...three cheers for this pic.

Art at its best.