Sweetness and Light by griffingirl

Sweetness and Light

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Artwork Stats
Added: Feb 05, 2004
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Yeah, yeah...not my usual fare. Just felt like waxing angelic. We'll see if it 'flies'...heh. Get it? Angel? Flies? *met with dead silence* Nevermind.

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griffingirl's picture

Wow, thanks! And I think you're right; there's nothing more charming than an angel with a tarnished halo...

Guest's picture

Very well done! The wings are amazing the the 'crooked' halo adds a lot of character. An idea for another day might be a less-than-angelic-angel. That could be fun to work with, particularly when done with someone as good as you.

rainesz's picture

Love the wings and crooked halo! Your gallery is really amazing (thanks for visiting mine, by the way!) There are plenty of hunky guys to look at over here. (Where have I BEEN?) It's nice to see the many different techniques you use, including digital. (Which I'm clueless about!) It's also good to see old-fashioned watercolor done beautifully like yours!

Guest's picture

Absolutely gorgeous.

somerset's picture

Hi Christine, I had to comment on this one again! this is excellent in real life folks!...I know, cause the original is now on my wall, yeah! thanks again, Christine!

somerset's picture

Excellent watercolour, Christine! love the halo!

griffingirl's picture

Thanks, ladies! We chicks gotta stick together...heh...

ekearney's picture

Beautiful wings and hair!!! Wow, the colors are fantastic. Nice job with the cloth as well. Overall very well done.

jescole's picture

The transparency of the wings and the lacing of the bodice is so delicate, the attention to detail is lovely.

hunterhayley's picture

Her face is very pretty. The colors and everything look great. Another thumbs up for you Christine. I always love to see your work.

griffingirl's picture

Thanks, mystery guest!

Guest's picture

I really like this, I think the necklace, top and hair are very well done.

Art at its best.