Regret by griffingirl


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Artwork Stats
Added: May 13, 2004
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The delightful Epi artist James McPartlin swapped images with me, for inspiration, and this was the outcome. I rather dig it, so ripe with the ooze of regret....crying over spilt blood? Yep....

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kundry's picture

Oh! So sad! His expression really moves me. It's very original and striking.

Guest's picture

...Amazing great work

rainesz's picture

Aww, poor James. He really needs napkins--his sweater is all messed up now. Bloody great painting!

griffingirl's picture

James would be a vampire with a soul, for sure...and regrets and scruples and all those non-vampire things...heh..

rita's picture

Christine, what a gorgeous painting. The colors are great, also light & shadow. His eyes definitive have it! Till now I just COULDN'T imagine James as a Vampir *LOL* - you did a great job!!! Thanks for sharing Smile

griffingirl's picture

*laughs!* Awww...James is a sweety! If he WERE to become undead, he'd regret every drop of stolen life.

joshuajmarsh's picture

It's James! I recognized him even in the thumbnail. I'm glad that's not my blood, but he's looking at me really scary-like...

djinn's picture IS James - how delightful *claps hands*

bladeofgrass's picture

guys, you both ROCK!

griffingirl's picture

Well, I thank James for the expression! He gave me great fodder to work with....

mcf's picture

it's one of those images with a hypnothising look.. woderfully rendered, colors are great too - the skin tones for example.. light and shadow.. and this expression! priceless Smile

mermalior's picture

wow, great watercolor picture...!

Guest's picture

great work

griffingirl's picture

Really?! I was just swearing about the insipid quality of my cheap watercolors. I'm glad they translate fairly well! I would still like a more saturated palette...thanks, though! High praise from you, Ken! The Horror King of Watercolors...

kenmeyerjr's picture

Great job...nice palette!

arikla's picture

*Adds another to the list of Ms. Griffin's Image she really, really likes* The expression is great. I really do like this piece...

flingling's picture

This is a wonderful watercolor! I like the look in his eyes.

griffingirl's picture

It IS how you pictured him?? Heh....interesting...

pageaxe's picture

Christine,thats how I always pictured James...:)Nice work!

somerset's picture

It's me! and I'm a bloodsucker! thank you Christine, the likeness is uncanny, marvellous watercolours!

Art at its best.