Alayne Stone by griffingirl

Alayne Stone

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jul 05, 2007
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This is card art for Fantasy Flight Games' 'A Game of Thrones' CCG. It's meant to be viewed really small, so, um, imagine it thusly!

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Thanks, man!

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From Dewidiot:

This is off the hook. I love the light and expression. so good.

kizalon's picture

this is a very touching and emotional piece from you Christine. Great light on her face and back. Absolutely one of my favs!

griffingirl's picture

*big fat grin* Never thought about you, but now that you mention it...yeah, I can see it!

spook's picture

Great picture. Now if only there'd been a wolf in the background and she had hazel eyes. Then I'd have been really freaked out.

griffingirl's picture

You might be right! I just followed the art director's instructions. In fact, as far as I knew, the card was gonna be 'Sansa', not 'Allayne'. *shrug!*

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Is this meant to be the very early Alayne? Because when Sansa becomes Alayne, she uses a rinse to make her hair an ordinary brown...

I hate to nit pick. It is a beautiful piece of work.

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This is AWESOME!!! I love her eyes and her mouth!

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just wonderfully done

griffingirl's picture

I know you're a HUGE fan of AGOT, and I've only just started reading the series! I take this as HIGH praise, Jenny! I'll be dropping you an email if I ever have questions about the characters; you've been a huge inspiration and resource for me, in attempting these cards. Laughing out loud

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I love the mood in this one. The setting sun light is a marvel.

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Fragile and lovely.
I especially love the light you've given to this piece, well done!

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I *adore* her mouth. She looks so utterly vulnerable. Even if you haven't read the books yet, she surely looks just the way she ought to! Great capture of Sansa/Alayne here.

Art at its best.