Conflicted Conscience by griffingirl

Conflicted Conscience

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Added: Jul 05, 2007
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Another piece for Fantasy Flight Games' CCG, 'A Game of Thrones'. It is designed to be viewed much smaller, but I think it holds up well, full size.

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avoid using the dark line wehre the intensity of the sun is breaking on his shoulder. the brightness of the sky. Tips of fingers are in most cases slightly tapered less ball like, i might consider running the darks of his shirt into the extended cloak this would add intersting movement to the scene and continue the sence of contrast that is working so well with the figure and the background

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the rocks in the middle ground seem odly in focus, though very well rendered it causes confusion in the composition. id suggest either bluring them out or increasing the clearity of the background the trees and the castle add just a bit of light pink to the rocks of the castle, and fade out the the castle banners with the colors used for the sky.

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Could be! Would make perfect sense, indeed...

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I'm not certain but I think it might be Pate from Feast for Crows. He accepts money in exchange for a key that opens every door in the citadel and he gives it to one calling himself "the alchemist". I won't say more and give anything away.


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I've read all of 'em!! ('cept the last) They're so good! And this pic is great! ^__^

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Aww, so great...
He looks like Mel Gibson.. anyone told you that? XD
I love it.


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These are SO GOOD Christine! Smile

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Chris - this is wonderful - I love esp. his expression!!!

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I love this one, Christine - saw it in the new additions and thought, "FFG!" Laughing out loud

It's got great style and depth. And works perfectly fine at this resolution. Wink

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Thanks much! I'm not sure what the story is, myself!

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To my knowledge, he isn't a specific 'traitor'. I've just started reading the books too, but it takes me forrrevvvver to get through anything. Thank goodness I have friends and a husband who's familiar with the stories!

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That is a wonderful one Cris! The size is good as it is. The expression is excelent! It makes me wonder what the story is... has he betrayed someone that trusted him for money? Is he about to commit a payed crime? You did a great job!

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Wow, Cris! Beautiful work!I LOVE the expression you gave him.
I've just started reading 'A Song of Ice and Fire' is he a character from the novels?

Art at its best.