A Game of Thrones Cards 2 by griffingirl

A Game of Thrones Cards 2

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Artwork Stats
Added: Aug 20, 2007
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A series of cards I created for the latest expansion. In order of appearance: Brienne, Caitlynn Stark, and Robb and GreyWind. The good guys!

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Fantastic Brienne

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Brienne is AMAZING!!!
She looks exactly like I imagined her when I read the books!

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I love the way you drew catelyn's hair!

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This is VERY good Brienne. Maybe a tad too cute because, well, boyish - yes, ugly - no. All the faces are splendid.
Grey Wind doesn't look like a wolf though, sorry.

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Just great!I have to say that your Brienne is the best I have ever seen!

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Heavens! MS? I'm awfully sorry to hear it, let's hope that progress can soon be made against this terrible illness.

Thanks for answering my question, and, again, congratulations on the beautiful work.

P.S. I'm the same guest as in the comment below... Yanyan

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Yes, actuallY! This is a rare case, though. Natascha is an on-line friend of mine, and she was diagnosed with MS just recently. It has limited her ability to work, so I took her sketches and did my own versions. Some other FFG cards, however, to my understanding, are inked and colored by different folks. Whatever the case, glad you like 'em!

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Really good work! I had seen them on Tzumainn's site for AGOT cards and searched to find a larger rendition, happy I found it! Smile

A question though, Brienne and Melisendra cards are credited 'Cris Griffin with Natascha Roesli', as FFG started doing cooperations? It is the first time I saw a double credit...

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masterful oww yes! i'm not an epilogue guest *whine* Smile

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Grow up? GROW UP?? Never grow up, Pierre. It's highly over-rated. Wink

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Cris, when I grow up, I want to be you. Smile

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Yep, never read the books! Started 'em, but when I read, I fall asleep these days! FFG's Art Director is incredibly knowledgable and a great coach!

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Brienne is my absolute favored, great work, Cris!

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Superb character studies, Cris, all are beautiful Smile

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Wow! Christine, that is hands down the very, very, VERY best Brienne I've ever seen. I've never seen any depiction of her that made her look female, ugly, believable, real, and very emotional all at the same time. And you say you haven't read the books??

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All 3 are outstanding!

Art at its best.