Mordred by adorna


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Added: Jun 11, 2003
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For Jürgen.

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I love your picture. The eyes are amazing and show such depth and character.

If it is alright with you, I would like to borrow this image for my livejournal background. If you want to get back to me my email is
Thanks ^__^

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I do hope that your talent in this world is not goign unnoticed. You are one of the best artists of this era.

Andrew Strasser

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One of the first things I noticed were the bronze words.. From Mordred's Song, by Blind Guardian! Go Ulrike! What a great song, and a great band, to go with a -great- picture.

From one fan to another! Laughing out loud

lew's picture

I love his hair. And the color of his eyes. Lew.

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The trick is...there is no 'all around perfect Mordred'. That's why I was so attracted to him. He's one of those characters that everyone takes a peice of. No one has the same view of him that I've been able to tell. Your perception of him is trul beautiful though.

adorna's picture

Thanks - and I didn't try to catch "the all around perfect Mordred" like there is no other way to picture him... I think pictures should add to the descriptions and different views on the character - not declare one for the right one and others as wrong.

adorna's picture

hehe I like him very much myself.
Bishonen? yes, I guess you're right. Anime and Manga guys play quite a role in my view on pretty men right now Smile

chutap's picture

the Bishounen!! not that i know much about him

ohhh and i also notice the scar on his eyebrow too i don't know if anyone else does

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I've been a fan for awhile and never posted. Mordred is one of those Arthinian characters that captivated me and I fell very in love with him. Read Nancy Springer's 'I am Mordred'. I loved it. Though that is not how I pictured him, your art is lovely and you accomplished his voulnerability.

chrissyk's picture

Very nice! I love the eyes and the little scar in the eyebrow.

Art at its best.