Wraith Hunter Villemus by eterna

Wraith Hunter Villemus

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Added: Jun 14, 2005
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It was chillingly cold... The icy mountain winds seemed to enjoy embracing the poor little man barely hanging onto the cliff... Me... I... Us?

I could not remember why, when, how did I got to this stark forbidding place with bitter frost. Bitter like the knots that binded my soul. I glanced at the distant figure below. He is waiting...

But for whom? I thought, I whispered without knowing why. Then it struck me. Me... I... Us? The sudden realisation caused my fingers to loosen. And with a gasp, I fell.

I thought I had fallen, but did I? I found myself still kissing the freezing rocks of the ice crusted cliff. The chilling winds blew still. I shivered. He is still waiting...

I thought to spit at him, to scream my defiance. I will not be taken! I will not... But my mouth was dry, my throat frozen... I was dying... And I am not feeling peaceful at all... I shivered in cold and in fear...

I glazed up and saw the glorious sun, the warm fire that awaited me... I tried to reach for it... but my poor tormented body could not, would not obey me... I fell... into His arms...

I knew peace... I knew nothing... and then we left... leaving all behind... the cold, the bitterness, the smiles... for we are nothing but memories...

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thanks Smile

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thanks Smile

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Great technique with pencil, and excellent texture and detail, too. They are a couple of fascinating characters.

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Really very nicely done, and I like your style Smile

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Just wonderful - love your work

Art at its best.