Yae no kanata by utakata

Yae no kanata

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Added: Jul 02, 2001
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It's Japanese title.
A tale is in me.
My work expresses the scene of the tale in many cases.
So, he is the characters of the tale.
The route to the his aims(far-reaching aims, steady purpose) is rocky path....

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The way you use colors and put them together is insanly wonderful. The different shades of red in his hair, the blue in the background. It's just so good that I don't even know what to say **goes crazy and passes out on floor**

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This is maybe the best picture I have *ever* seen.. Gosh, it's so great! All these details, it must have taken forever to do. You have such a talent!

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You make beautiful use of light. The whole picture glows. You've done beautiful work on the clothes on his body. They drape wonderfully. is expression is very good. One wonders what he is thinking.

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lol...i love the smuge expression on his face very nice!

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Oah! What colors! What play of ligth!
And the willfullness and determinaton in his eyes.. Truly a wonderful image!

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Ow, he's pritty. I like the colours in the background, and his cloths. Very impressive.

utakata's picture

Thank you for message.I received many impulses here.I am proud that it participated in the epilogue.I think that it is a very wonderful place, too.

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Let me first say that there is not a piece in your gallery that dosen't make me go "wow" in some form or other. You always seem to have something interesting and new to depict, and your anime is the *most* original and haunting I've seen in years. This is no more my favorite than the next piece of art in your collection, but I wanted to note that the perspective is great-- slightly disorienting, but true to your own wierd and wonderful style.

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this is truly a amazing peice of anime artwork, the amout of colours uve put in and made them work together so well is a real feat. wow.

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I think what I like best about this aside from the composition and sheer skill, are the colors. The colors in his clothes, in the background, the blue matrix structure behind him. It's like a rainbow.

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Hmm,Many people may think so.There is a story in the background of this picture. I chose a fantasy(^^)

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I get a pleasant surprise!!!
When confidence is lost, I make this an encouragement. I'm very happy~

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The Clothes and face expression is very good .I´m impressed by so much talent^^

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I like this image alot the color work is amazing and the drawing involved is very good,The great thing about Epilogue you get to see Art from all over the world.

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This is a wonderful piece. Anyways, I was wondering, isn't this suppose to be in the anime section?

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This is rightly an editors pick, excellent work, in fact all the images in your gallery so far are exception.

Art at its best.