Unicorn of the Storm by valkyrie

Unicorn of the Storm

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Added: Oct 04, 2001
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This unicorn takes delight in getting amongst the storm clouds. The creature gathers all his strength and energy from it, so much so that he gives off an eerie glow! ^_^ Painted with mouse early last year, before I had my graphic tablet!

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valkyrie's picture

Hi there, I guess pegicorn just doesn't do it for me..it's one of those labels that don't appeal, it's too, well it sounds like a childs toy!! Laughing out loud I'll stick to winged unicorn actaully, since that is what I drew! Smile

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Actually- It's a pegicorn. Unicorns don't have wings. Pegasi do, but they don't have horns. Since your has both wings and horns, it's a pegicorn. It's a very pretty one too. Smile

valkyrie's picture

Hmm perhaps, but upon more thought and that unicorns have lightweight(or hollow) bone structures like those of a bird, I do not have a problem with the wings that much. Unicorns are much lighter and more delicate than your regular animals. Smile
And since they don't actually exist at all, there is no problem.. where's the fantasy if we can't create with artistic license. *wink*

indy's picture

It's very pretty.. but the only problem I see is the size of the wings. It would look better if they were larger. I don't know, there has to be at least a small level of actual possibility in fantasy... to make it a bit believable. I don't think wings that small would be able to lift an animal that big and heavy off the ground. No offence meant or anything. It is a very nicely rendered image.

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:: cough ::

Colored with a mouse, you are amazing...

blueunicorn's picture

I love all the irridescent colors in this one. Also the feathering on the wings is a nice touch.

valkyrie's picture

Thanks, the program used was photoshop and a mouse was used to paint it before I had my graphic tablet! ^_^

valkyrie's picture

Are you going to submit some of your artwork to Epilogue?? They sound great! Anyway you know now that the other Unicorn pic is in this gallery now! ^_^

Thanks again! Smile

k-t-roo's picture

great pic, i love the colours and the pose. what program did you do it in?

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Hi again Marie!^_^
I really like this one.
I think it's because of the colors and the storm clouds.
I made i drawing yesterday with a unicorn in space,it turned out pretty well.
I am now working on a rabbit and a rat walking over the rainbow.
It's still a sketch but i think it's gonna be beautiful when i add the colors.
I also went to your website yesterday and i have to say that it is a great page.
I saw your paintings and the one i really liked most was "Unicorn Of The Night".
I also made something like that but then with a white unicorn with wings standing on a mountain.
I hope that painting "Unicorn Of The Night" comes on this website.^_^
See you later Marie!^_^
Rabbit Paws From Your Number One Fan Louisiana.
And Rabbit Paws To Marie Again!^_^

Art at its best.