Moonlight Proposal by valkyrie

Moonlight Proposal

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Artwork Stats
Added: Oct 06, 2001
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Our dashing doberman is propositioning the young silky... will she cave in to his charming ways or will she stand up for herself... ^_^ Photoshop and Graphire tablet.

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Hello, um I didn't know wearing leather bike gloves equals fetish..interesting! I have a few leather items of clothing, but I definitely don't have any kinky fetishes that way! *shrug* Thanks for visiting! Smile

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i like it alot, but the dog with the black thingies on his paw, looks like hes got alil fetish lol ^_^ really nice pic i try to draw, but nothing s really good... if you wanna talk to me, im on yahoo i.m. im starfire_slave and im a lesbian fyi, but dont let that discuorage you ^_~

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Thank you Marley Smile I get mixed reactions on what these two are thinking or doing, some think it's like an indecent proposal and all manner of things! Smile

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Thank you kindly! Smile

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I have to comment on the detail of this is awesome.the fur looks very real.I do have to say that the "young silky" looks as if shes about to bite any minute.

my eye is drawn to the collar of your doberman.That is really impressive.nice blues around there too.Beautifull art marie.

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Lovely work of art!This is so Romantic!
Keep it up!

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Hmm now that I think about it, she is much more like a saluki although I feel she doesn't seem lean enough in the face. Ah well... thanks for stopping by! ^_^

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Hey, Marie, this is great! I love all the detail and what they are wearing. Is the silky a Saluki? She looks too big to be a Silky Terrier. Wonderful work here.

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Oh it's a pity I have to wait so long to see your website.. 2 years *sniff* But I would surely love to see it when it happens! Is your mother going to post some artwork soon, I'd love to see that too..(hey I'm nosey ^_-) Thanks for all the wonderful comments in my gallery, you are very kind and a very lovely person! ^_^ Hope to see that rabbit and rat drawing of yours real soon.. e-mail me! ^_^

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Hiya Marie!
I saw this painting till today even though it was already here.
This is so dreamy and romantic.^_^
It gives me a romantic feeling.
I think it's the shooting star that gives me that feeling.
I hope they will marry each other because they make a perfect couple.
I am thinking about it if i will put some of my own work,but my mother thinks i am still to young.
She thinks that because i am just 15 years old.
But luckily she said that if i am 21 i could put some of my own work on this website.
My mother is making her own website where she is planning to put some of her drawings of Final Fantasy.
It's gonna be up and running in a few years.
I hope you will visit if you have time.^_^
See you later Marie!^_^
Greetings from Louisiana and my regards to Marie!^_^
P.S:I just finished my drawing of the rabbit and the rat walking on the rainbow today.

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Hey thanks for the great comments, and for visiting too, much appreciated! ^_^

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It's really a little masterpiece, Marie! Absolutely beautiful ... all the details and the colors, simply great!

Art at its best.