Raven by drakhenliche


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Artwork Stats
Added: Mar 15, 2002
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An ancient dracolich. He's a character in one of my pet projects... and also much fun to draw!

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I bet it really smells bad, and I wouldn't like to around him if hes hungry.

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But seriously, very, very good pic. I've always loved Zombie/Lich Dragons and the like. First good one I've ever seen actually. Top notch, what what? ~_^ Keep up the good work ya ere?

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Yes. In order to become the buzzard I must be the buzzard!! WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! KAAAA!! KAAA! *flaps arms wildly and slides head back and forth like a chicken*

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In order to be the buzzard.. you must think like the buzzard.. in order to live like the buzzard.. you must.......... FOOLS!!! ALL OF YOU!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA........... HA!... *Coughing from lack of oxygen* GAH! BE-DAMNED NEED FOR AIR! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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Very nice work...he doesn't look like he's had a very good day.....unless of course he just got through eating an army or something...then I guess it's all relative! ;o)

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Very nice dragon! Is he supposed to be kinda undead looking? either way very cool, looks like it can take a beating, and still come back for more. MORE!!!

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Oh, those red parts against the blue background are very dramatic. The details on the ancient wings are a nice touch, too! All quite effective.

Art at its best.