Cemetery Dance by kyri

Cemetery Dance

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Added: Jan 30, 2002
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This has got to be the coolest pictures of a cemetary I have ever seen. The fact that there's some kinda skull-type mask attached to the horse or errrr... saddle just gives this picture mystery in itself.

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I don't remember when or where, but I saw this pic on another page and saved it into a game folder and used her as a character portrait. Very very good. Captures the mood of one who traffics in the dead.

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I like the horse..since no one's yet mentioned it..you don't see much art with horses in them unless it has to do with it..anyways..great art

twopynts's picture

Some of the creepiest (and coolest) lighitng ever. One of my favorites of yours.

kyri's picture

Thank you Alice. Smile I am a fan of Tim Burton films, love the way he gives each one of them that distinctive gothic touch that is very much his own. I hadn't thought of it before but I'm sure he must have been an influence.

kyri's picture

Thank you. That's a great interpretation of the picture! Smile

melora's picture

reminds me very much of Sleepy Hollow, especially with the head on a stick (great little detail that). The colour scheme is really what makes this stand out

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this is a wonderful piece, the mood draws you in. the woman's fae seems very worn and as if she's been through lots, like some widow whom mourns for the loss of her husband and does not enjoy company.....of the living. her horse seems to sense this and wait quietly for her to return. she seems as if she holds some mysterious power, bery telling Smile

hexthree's picture

This is one my favorites from your gallery, outstanding work!

kss's picture

wow:) everything is good.
whats up with that title?
i could imagine my dancer dancing in your background and this woman going to wip him because thats naughty to do things like that:)

jon-hodgson's picture

Very Beautiful work. Great use of "materials" (Its in inverted commas, as I know its a digital piece!)

vera-lucia's picture

Very, very beautiful! Colours,mood, imagery are really nice.

kyri's picture

Thank you everyone for the kind words. Smile

shell's picture

I Adore this peice, the ochre tones and the foggy feel, very very well done. The mood it set!

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wow... it looks like an elaborate scene painted on glass. The light is so vibrant and beautiful, yet sad and foreboding. And the brushwork adds to the emotion- being more expressive than photorealistic.

naddy's picture

Oooh! I like the mood in this image. The atmosphere is awesome! A very haunting depiction. Love it!

griffingirl's picture

Yes...the lights coming through the fog are faboo! Great mood....

mcf's picture

oh, yeah! super lights, and lovely technique..

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this is simply inspirational! love the atmosphere.

Art at its best.