Genetic Nightmare by kyri

Genetic Nightmare

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jan 03, 2003
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elven-nell's picture

This is bloody awesome! And bloody creepy! You did a good job on this- it doesn't even really look digital, more like oil...What was your inspiration for such a (good)disturbing piece?

zt-1's picture

It gives me hope to see that a painting this loose was chosen as an EP. I feel like the world of illustration could use a nice kick in the clenched chest.

Good job. you know it does get a little confusing around the left side leg and arm parts. just a little nit pick.

Guest's picture looks like some creature in this dream- nightmare- i had once. I was in this forest, and these...things...were every where. They ended up killing every thing with fire; it was like watching a movie. The leader, an elf, melted. it like..zoomed in on her feet, and i watched her skin melt away...-shivver-..

Your picture is simply wicked, though! Smile

hexthree's picture

Great facial expression! Arrrghhh!!

ocean's picture

I love the swampy-ness of this. me likes.

kyri's picture

Aww Anna, now you've gone and done it.
Freaks of nature got feelings too you know. Tongue

Guest's picture

Wahhh...That's gotta be the ugliest thing I've seen in ages !*puke*

kyri's picture

Heh, heh, thanks Rafal.

kyri's picture

Thank you Anneth!

mcf's picture

oh yeah! this brings a smile to my troubled face. love the disformities and his expression!

aridante's picture

oooo yeah, nothing like a yummy zombie to make your blood race!! This is pretty rad--I love how the way the environment is roughly blocked in without appearing sloppy, and the treatment of the zombie is great. Congrats on the Editor's Pick!

Art at its best.