Reflections by angelian


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Artwork Stats
Added: Jul 22, 2001
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Staring at her reflection she forgets how beautiful she is.

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The way you drew her wing is.. amazing. I'm trying to get wings down, it's near impossible for me at the moment! I'd love to know how you did that. Beautiful.

twstdrealty8's picture

your pencil work is just amazing! And the words that go along with it go perfectly!lovely work. You're a true romantic and it shows in your work.

pagan's picture

love your pencilwork, by the way do you use models?

abranda's picture

Very beautiful. I absolutely love your work. I've been hestitant to comment simply because I'm afraid to say anything. Your women are very beautiful, your shading fantastic. And I love your style with water. This picture is probaly my favorite of all your works. Again incredible.

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your pencilwork is stunning! wow.

blueunicorn's picture

Do you know what I like about your work? You have four beautiful angels here and no two are alike....each one is totally unique in face, expression and body. The mark of a master.

faemich's picture

Of all your work, this is my favorite. I love how you've paid special attention to the little details - like how the bones in her foot strain to balance her. And because there really is nothing in the background, she seems so alone and at peace. Beautiful work.

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Wow I love how her wings look like an owls, ur work is very good.

naphtali's picture

Oh the Shading!The Shading!! I love the concept of this piece. It is so relaxing, she seems so peaceful sitting on her rock. The hair, as in all of your pieces of course, is awesome. I worship you, and beg for mercy kind sir!

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Very nice work!! I love the hair. This piece has a lot of movement ... Wonderful gallery!

sferris's picture

Very nice piece! J. Jones-ish! Let's see more!

dante's picture

This piece reminds me of my own...back when I used to draw during class. Very nice.

abroenink's picture

Hey Karl, congratulations you did it! A great start on Epilogue. I had no doubt your talented work is of Epilogue quality!

mersades's picture

I could stare at your work for hours. What am I saying I already do. *laughs* You're a great inspiration to me, I hope someday my pictures will have the dept yours do. Smile

Art at its best.