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Added: Jan 24, 2002
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A mermaid enjoying the view.

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abroenink's picture

Emily, you have a wonderful style! Isn't it great that there are so many different artists on Epilogue?

veinglory's picture

She looks a bit perilously perched here, but givewn how peaceful she is she must be more secure than she looks! She is kind of the complete antithesis of the mermaid I just posted -- she is very doom and gloom - yours must be the antidote!

abroenink's picture

Yes of course, it´s the beautiful Sweden where all mermaids like to be, especially for the wonderful people who are living there! Smile Thank you for the visit Andreas.

abroenink's picture

Thank you Vera, I think the mermaid likes the background too, she made quite an effort to get this high! Smile

abroenink's picture

Hi Karl, great to see you,thank you for stopping by. Smile

dolphin's picture

Is`nt this still Sweden..?

vera-lucia's picture

Nice work Anneke. Extremely beautiful background and the mermaid's hair is prfect.

angelian's picture

YAY its here...great work Anneke

abroenink's picture

Thank you for the kind words Eric. I agree with Adrian on the mermaid. It was my first mermaid though, I still have to learn a lot. Smile

archetype's picture

Wonderful pic Anneke! I agree with Adrian about detailing the Mermaid more, but I have to say she is still quite wonderful. I love the suroundings as well!

abroenink's picture

I am happy you like my painting, thank you very much for visiting my mermaid. Smile

abroenink's picture

Adrian, I agree totally with you! The advice you give on the mermaid is just the thing that bothers me on the painting. I didn't have too much trouble on the background, but coming at the mermaid I got very insecure. I really think I can learn a lot by what you're saying, thank you for your wise words Adrian, I appreciate them greatly!!

weezr4's picture

Wow, this is really beautiful! I thought I recognized this name, heheh. Didn't know ya had an epilogue gallery too! ^____^ Anywho, I like the sort of subtle look to it, it isn't overflowed with too much detail. Great job XD

Guest's picture

I must say you have understood this 'color and form' thing very well. The background here is awesome, perhaps your best one up to date. Even though I risk repeating myself, you really know how to convey situations and atmospheres without going into excessive detail. The rocks and vegetation are perfect, just the water could need some minor tuning here an there (more volume maybe), but considering the difficult task of a waterfall with foam, reflection, refraction and all you definitely succeeded. The only thing I would critisize is the mermaid, she needs to be set off in a stronger way I think, it`s here where I would add more detail. I mean, the entire composition with the waterfalls lead ur eye to the mermaid, so that`s where the focus and thus the highest level of detail would be. For her hair it`s the same as with the waterfall, it needs more volume. And since the sun is shining (?) more lighting on her body would be great. Logically seen, one can conclude that she is on a seperate layer than the background, but because of her rather flat appearance she doesn`t pop out of it enough to create a real illusion of depth. Guess some highlights on her tail (= wet and shiny and shimmering!) and hair would already make a big difference. But after all it`s your picture, you might as well leave it as it is because it`s already wonderful enough. The rocks in the foreground couldn`t look any better, and the overall composition is smart, very interesting with all those diagonal elements. Now let`s forget the technical stuff and enjoy the gorgeous view!

Art at its best.