When Killer Dolls Attack! (back cover) by aridante

When Killer Dolls Attack! (back cover)

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Added: Apr 27, 2002
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more twisted stuff >:D

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Awesome pic man!I am makin my own cards unno like magic the gatherin and i gtin real far now and this is a real boost on my project and i sure dat u nt mind me showin off ur pic a bit mor.

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This Pic is very ugly and scary looking!!!

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can you send me a doll in the post 10 anlod warracknabeal 3393 from amand niblett

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I really like this(even though i'm scared outa mi mind about dolls and clowns ^.^) I LOVE the color RED...I LOVE the color even more when it's blood red... Anyways, I like it. I might try water color soon... not used to it, but my first painting is going to be of a clown... they FREAK me out

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it looks like something by Stephen King

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hey ...great juxtaposition of images...it speaks to me...no really it does...
great work.


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wow this work is some of the best i've seen in a long time. the kind of thing stright out of a lilttle kids twisted nighmare. keep painting!

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blztsiscal... waapuslts.... Sorry, so good I lost some motor skills! I love this one, especially the rich colors and the space around the doll head. I can hear Danny Elfman playing in the background! Great job!

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wow, that's just freaky, I'm scared of dolls and clowns and that's how I picture them.......whoo, very nice mood with the hidden faces, very appealing yer it holds a banner of warning. love it Laughing out loud

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Your art rocks! Oh and I love the "twisted stuff". Smile

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you have magical powers pinto beans can only dream of!!!!!!

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NOW THIS IS PRETTY FREAKY........ dolls and clowns man... great effect for the mood!!! Innocent and spooky as @$#*!

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wow!It's amazing how you did it.Digital?You did it with photoshop or painter?looks very beautiful!

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i agree with all other comments:)
good work.
i think i've seen it in another place, or u reposted it?

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Wow! Cool pic! I like the red shades...

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AWESOME!!! Rembrandt-has-IT! Although I'm a big fan of your natural medium paintings and drawings, this piece is definitely one of the best in the digital art genre! Bravissimo!

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very nice style and idea. I think that doll face is just... cute! Smile
Maybe not scary/twistd enough for me.. LOL superb!

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Ohhh! that's *Very* creepy. As if I'm not scared of dolls enough already. Wink. But I love the texture and color here. Simply consuming..

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Heh heh, do remember the movie "Dolls?" I think I mentioned it in my reply to James, but I recall watching this Horror-B movie when I was 12 or 13 or so, and it was called "Dolls," right, and I'm like chilling with my brother and his friends right, and we're liike, watching this house filled with psycho-Victorian dolls go on a killing-spree on a bunch of (ooo this is original) of stranded travelers. 'Twas kinda cool Laughing out loud

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Niiiiiiicccceeeeee, You forever amaze me Smile SO, whats the story behind this crazy psyco biiiacchh?

aridante's picture

Thanks! Yeah, I had a lot of fun with the faces, especially the one with the glasses, ;D

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MAURA: Thank you Smile....//SOCAR: Yeah, I'm not to hot on how digital painting comes out soft, so I tend to work my surface until it gets grainy, heh heh, thanks!

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Heh heh, that's what happen when you watch the movie "Dolls" Laughing out loud Thanks!

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Each portrait in this is wonderfully well-executed, and the rendering looks for all the world like juicy oils. Great work!!

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Mmm...lovely! Very rich and textured-looking. I love the colours you've chosen, and the expression on the face of the central doll. Scary, yet very appealing!

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Wow. That's really neat. I love the colours and the shading.

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This is great, Anneth. It has a pastel quality that I love. The colors in this image are wonderful. Man! That clown is freakin' me out!

Art at its best.