the Cyclops & the Princess by aridante

the Cyclops & the Princess

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jul 03, 2002
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A Knight in Shiny Armor comes to the rescue, so to speak, heh heh.

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i like pie

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WOW! the shading is amazing! his clothes are so rich in detail!

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Laughing out loud! what a pleasant composition. And your technique with pencils is really interesting Smile

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"Your skills have grown young one' said the old mage to the youth. Ha great work Anneth your getting better.

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A beautiful drawing, and so funny too

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The one eyed monster ha!...I don`t know how I missed this excellent Artwork, still I`m not the only one, so did the Editor`s have a wonderful drawing style Anneth...

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Really terriffic work! Great character!

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I've always wanted to see a well-conceived cyclops (I'm sure that even ancient Greeks couldn't properly visualise their fantasy creature)

very, very, very well-textured out, the proportions are very imposing, and the composition rocks.

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Most impressive!!! Perhaps some white of the eye to show as contrast against the pupil and shadow of the face, like you have going on in the belt could pop that face out even more... to emphasize that communication going on between he and the princess. Beautiful work. I applaud you. I could even see these as etchings in a book!!!
Scott Hahn

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With the size of the surroundings and the princess you've made this piece very believable. Keep up the great work Smile

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this is great! wonderful detail and lighting!

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I guess I already went on about this one over in the "works in progress" forum... but just to say again it's really nice pencil work...

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Excellent pencil work, Anneth! I really like the loose feel yet detailed style. This is very cool.

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Bleh, Jho you anarchist you, >:p Heh heh. Thank you!!

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Thank you, Stan Smile

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squash her!!! Anneth this is soo good! I want to pick up a pencil again and draw.

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Anneth, I really like this. I am a big fan of realistic stuff that goes beyond photographic.

Art at its best.