A Rip In The Fabric Of Time by blueunicorn

A  Rip In The Fabric Of Time

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Artwork Stats
Added: Oct 07, 2001
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I get inspirations for paintings at the oddest moments. I think it's when I let my mind wander where it wills. This one came to me while I was washing dishes. I couldn't get to it for a few days, but that just made it more solid in my mind. Also, inevitably, a story came along with it. Perhaps it will get finished with time.

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Thank you, horses were my first love.

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I really like that love you have for animals , specially horses. love your art

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Thank you. But I don't mind criticism; it's what helps me improve and try better the next time.

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Oh,btw, the comment above this was mine... Your art looks so real and it's still so surreal...(oxymoron?...^_^) Whoah, that was weird *mutters*real and surreal...real and surreal...? Anyway I love it!

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The pegasus looks so majestic and real and yet it has that touch of surrealness (is that a word?^_^) to it. I love your work; i'm a big fan! I'm not good in arts at all which drives me to look for works I find to be interesting or beautiful. I can criticize a lot though...*grins sheepishly* ^_^ But your work is so breathtaking, no criticism can find its way through my mouth! Smile

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No, this wasn't difficult to paint. It just sort of.... flowed from my brush. I've been drawing, coloring and painting horses since I was a child. They come easy for me. And from the picture in my mind, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with the background.

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You did great!
Especially the pegasus and the background.
Was it hard to make this?
Because i could never do this!
I can paint horses and unicorns but never like this!
It's wonderfull!^_^

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wow, another amazing pic. your getting new pics up so fast its amazing

Art at its best.