FLIGHT by blueunicorn


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Added: Jan 30, 2003
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This one is acrylic. It's on canvasboard and is 16" x 20". I used a limited palette. Their ears and eyes are deliberately large.

"....They fled silently through the Enchanted Forest. Mist swirled up from their feet, but their golden hooves never faltered, for they carried their own light within them. Large eyes flashed left and right as they searched the trees for danger. Suddenly the sound of wings filled the air and Windsilver saw that they had been joined by a large flock of birds. They swooped overhead, darting between the trunks with unerring agility. The unicorns picked up their pace. Once again he was thankful that they had no foals with them. They forged ahead, their silver light leaving the hostile shadows sullen behind them."

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Guest's picture

Use chacra colours for the outline of the horse with a point at the forehead

rita's picture

Such an enchanting and charming painting. Just beautiful!

goldseven's picture

I love your unicorns... as well as your choice of colours. Beautiful, yet powerful equines in shades of blue are right up my alley! Laughing out loud

blueunicorn's picture

Thanks Katy. I've been using acrylics for years and have no problem with it.

k-t-roo's picture

i love this pic marilyn, its beautiful. i could have sworn i left a comment here before, but there isnt one, so perhaps it didnt work. i like the idea of this piece, of unicorns racing through a forest, and i love their faces, and beards, i honestly dont know how you do that with acrlic. i can see the faces in the trees too. beautiful work as always.

downing's picture

Simply magical!A wonderous piece.
It is all blended so beautifully!

blueunicorn's picture

Well Patrick, I've been painting in acrylics for quite a few years and it comes very easily to me now. I use them very much as anyone would oils, except with water of course instead of turpentine and linseed oil.

portalrun's picture

I see them Marilyn...

megaflow's picture

This is just great! I hate working in Acrylic - it always feels like "work" - but you make it look very effortless. Nice job on the background trees, too!

blueunicorn's picture

Thanks Tom. Does anyone see the detail in the background?

blueunicorn's picture

Thank you. I enjoy doing limited palettes. There were five colors used here.

blueunicorn's picture

Thank you. I'm getting to be quite a pro with trees!!

Guest's picture

They're beautiful! They look so happy and friendly. You've done an especially brilliant job on the trees.

primalfire's picture

I really like the repetition of shapes with the unicorn heads and the tree's. Very nice coloration, your limited colors really bring out the chill of a winters day.

portalrun's picture

Beautiful Unicorns Marilyn, I love how they match the birch trees and snow, very magical ...

Art at its best.