"There Be Dragons" by blueunicorn

"There Be Dragons"

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Artwork Stats
Added: Feb 12, 2003
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I saw a painting in Patrick McEvoy's gallery that intrigued me. It was a wonderful blending of reality and fantasy. It inspired this one. This is done on masonite with acrylic. It is 8" x 10".

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blueunicorn's picture

Hey Patrick! It's just different than yours, that's all. I really liked your idea. Thanks for comming to visit!

megaflow's picture

I just saw this - how wonderful that you were inspired by one of my paintings! I think yours is much nicer than mine... Wink Great work!

blueunicorn's picture

Thanks Denny. I like putting my fantasy right into the real world.

isenho's picture

the nature elements are beautiful! the dragons have much movement. nice waterfall!

downing's picture

Thats amazing how you have created so much detail in such a small work space.
An incredible feat. The composition
gives it such a large feeling!

blueunicorn's picture

Thanks Linda. But don't feel jealous....I'm the one who is humbled by yours and all the great artists here in Epilogue.

enayla's picture

Again, wonderful work. I feel jealous Laughing out loud

blueunicorn's picture

Thanks Sean. I've been doing some work lately that is trying to blur the border between fantasy and reality: that is placing fantastical creatures in common, everyday places.

pageaxe's picture

Wow,another nice piece-overall composition is really outstanding,grat stuff

blueunicorn's picture

Thank you, Anthony. I've been painting miniatures for a long time now. I actually enjoy the challenge.

bliz's picture

This is my favorite of all your paintings so far. I love the 'restrained' composition of the dragons, it's quite a brave move to keep them that small but it really works and the piece wouldn't be a spowerful any other way.
The painting has a very 'oriental' feel in my eyes - awesome work!!

blueunicorn's picture

Thanks Marley. I wanted an ordinary scene to have fantastical creatures in it. I like blending the real with the "unreal".

blueunicorn's picture

Well Nell, I sure enjoyed your gallery! Thanks for coming back.

blueunicorn's picture

Thanks Mary. This is spring run-off along the shores of Lake Superior.

thrax-1's picture

thats a beautifull painting,i like the fact that there is a great focus on the surrounding environment,making them look like playfull lil creatures.and the fact that this is acrylic Smile

elven-nell's picture

Hi Marilyn! Thanks for dropping by my gallery! I was here a few days ago, admiring all your art, pure magic!!!! I love this one, I adore dragons.

rhiamon's picture

Just beautiful, Marilyn; very serene and calming!

Art at its best.