At The Ice Dragon's Lair - The Request by blueunicorn

At The Ice Dragon's Lair - The  Request

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Added: Jan 25, 2004
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This is an 8 x 10 on canvasboard and I think, for sharper detail, I should have done it on masonite. At the time I started it I thought I was just going to paint an ice dragon. This is one of those paintings that just take over and I found myself adding more than I had planned!

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This is beautiful, I suppose I love it because it has everything I love - Snow, dragon, unicorn and a blond haired girl. Its really amazing.

blueunicorn's picture

Well Frans, I'm glad that you don't mind the winter colors as it is winter here where I am for so many months! I will be in touch.

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dear Marilyn , at this moment I will fly into that mesmerizing colours of the winter. These colors soothe my soul and give me baume on my soul where you will always have that very particular place

blueunicorn's picture

You know, I was the same way once. I drew a lot but felt intimidated when it came to painting. But never give up and try. It will be worth it in the end! We have a lot of winter where I live and I've come to see that there is a lot of awesome majesty in that much snow!

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I love the winter ways, less color but more of a wonderland, lol. I love the way that the girl seem to have to focus of the painting, because her color stands out above all. Im usually to afraid to color my drawings because i think that i would ruin them... lol.

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Thank you.

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truely brilliant

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wonderful, it takes us to another place.

sade's picture

the blue.. is calmness.. harmony.. and little cold, and scary.. if i see the dragon.. my first impression was one word.."traditions".. don't ask why..

blueunicorn's picture

Well, Uwe, I'm glad I spent more time on this piece, it's much more interesting as it stands. The dragon is one of those that have only wings and not front legs too. They spend most of their time on crags and flights into the sky.

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Well, Freawyn, I'm pleased my little painting is inspiring you and your friend to continue writing!

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and it´s good that you added more as you planed, cause i love to explore it Smile - this is really pretty good - i love the icy feeling on it, the dragon is very interesting -

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yes, it is. At the moment my friend Christel and I are writing on an episode that has to do with an evil ice dragon queen... its one of the stories of our never ending Gryphon and Phoenix writings, you know. This beautiful picture of you inspires me to think of a son of that Icequeen.... a good son...

blueunicorn's picture

Heh, thank you Karen. Smile

karenmiles's picture

Lovely I feel cold just looking at it !

blueunicorn's picture

Here in our part of Canada, we're socked right into the middle of winter. This is when I paint most of my snow pieces. Let's say, when I'm in the mood! Thanks for your uplifting words, Marcel!

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Wonderful work, it'a rare that I've seen magic winter worlds, I really like it !

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Remember when we were looking at those pictures of mine of ice and snow? Well, this piece was suggested by one of them. I'm pleased you like it. The scan really doesn't do it justice though.

k-t-roo's picture

this is beautiful i just love the ice! i like the composition of it too!

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