Werebear by hendercrazy


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Artwork Stats
Added: Sep 16, 2001
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To find an angry bear would cause enough concern... but how about a cute little 'ol werebear? Done in Pen & Ink with Pencil border & background.

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Wow nice job the werebear's skin looks real good and the muscle vein's are just amazing a true masterpiece

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Why not do one of this same wearbear, mortified at the large number of people hugging and kissing it? Poor thing... Wink

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Wayne, to answer your question... I like to keep my artwork clean so it can be viewable by all ages. Thanks for the question. Laughing out loud - Derek

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Why do ANY Were-Creatures wear clothing of ANY KIND when they are covered in fur? And it's not just were-creatures, people tend to put clothing on anykind of creature that would possably poesses anykind of genatalia. Clothing is a human trait. If the creature is not human why add clothing?

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awww*runs up and huggles the werebear* he's so cute*kisses his knee since that is all she can reach*mmmmmmwah!!
awsome lines and overall outcome...such a wonderfull pic reallt depicting how a werebear would look...a scale of 1-10 I give you a 12 Smile *runs up and huggles Derek*you get a hug to oh yeah*kisses his cheek*mmmmwha...and a kiss..keep up the good work..

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I gotta say, I love his fur! Lookit that! He's all fuzzy and holding a tree as a baseball bat! Aaaawwwww that's so adorable... *hugs the cuddly bear, then runs for my life*

Art at its best.