Feel my wrath! by hendercrazy

Feel my wrath!

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Artwork Stats
Added: May 11, 2002
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A mage hellbent on revenge!

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hendercrazy's picture

I'm always trying to improve on my inking style... and I'll need it once I'm ready to ink on my graphic novel! ;^)

hendercrazy's picture

Thanks for the insight there Cynthia!

Guest's picture

You really do have super clean line work. Great design on this character Derek!

Guest's picture

Just pulling your chain...because I'm jealous of your wonderfully clean line work and great character! I'd fix the eyes...just a mite on the right side...but this is really fun and well done!

hendercrazy's picture

Thanks... hopefully the color version will turn out better. Should I keep those cross-eyes or fix 'em? What's your opinions?

hendercrazy's picture

Thanks man! It's been awhile since I last posted here! My graphic novel has kept me super busy! Nice to hear from you again!

hendercrazy's picture

Hey... you're totally right about his eyes! I really didn't even realize they looked that way! Oops! Oh well... perhaps it adds to the character and story. :^)

lockett's picture

Very nice line-work Derek, love the pose and detailing too. Great title, by the way.

archetype's picture

While he does appear a tad cross-eyed, I just think that's because he's so angry that he can't even see straight! Great job on the details Derek. A classic Hendercrazy illustration!

griffingirl's picture

Kick-ass perspective, and great inking! But he's a little cross-eyed...if I were his target, I might even let loose a giggle. Which would promptly get me incinerated. But, hey, that's just me.

Art at its best.