isildur and anarion by frodo

isildur and anarion

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Added: Feb 22, 2002
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'Behold the Argonath the Pillars of the Kings'

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frodo's picture

ha.. you wouldn`t belive the problem of getting this into Epilogue...and yet it`s always been half way up in my ratings,people seem to either love it or hate it..
but I did put a lot of work into it, and modelled all the figures from scratch in Lightwave... and if you have ever used the modeller in L/W you know it`s a totally different ball game than premodelled figures from easy poser...

allenp's picture

Lol....this is too cool!

frodo's picture

Cheers Marley nice to get some positive feed back...

thrax-1's picture

woooow stunning water terry.i love this piece. you certainly captured the scale of the statues convincingly.nice!

frodo's picture

Thats exactly what I wanted the viewer to feel...thanks Star!

stargirl's picture

wow! It's just so... envoping... it really makes you feel a small little person in another boat in back of the others.. gazing way.. way..way up *.*

frodo's picture

...cheers Oliver ...that the beauty with 3d programs, once the models are created and can really experiment with the composition and lighting

fantasio's picture

what a vision!... the water looks so pretty realistic and the perspective let me feel like beeing behind the traveller...keep on the good worx!!

frodo's picture

thanks for visiting Tiina!

frodo's picture

Well Patrick... I did think about giving the statue on the right his genitals, but I decided against, because it would distract from the symmetry of the composition....Yes this is the picture that was up in this gallery when I first joined Epilogue. When Epilogue crashed, I resubmitted the picture and it was rejected. Now it`s been seen fit to return it to my gallery again....Thanks for dropping in!

kss's picture

a chance u didnt turn them into angroginous with corsets;)
People are not very openminded nowadays..
is this the one rejected some times ago?
i like the water, and the flappin birds too

frodo's picture

This was done a year before the movie came out, it`s true however that I did deviate from Tolkien`s description, in as much, as he describes the statues as holding their left arms outstretched, and one of mine is holding his right arm up.this allows me to place the axes over the chasm to make it look a little more threatening & dynamic, and pulls your eye down to the entrance of the`re welcome to your own view friend....and this is mine, thanks for visiting my gallery.

Guest's picture

You ARE kidding, right? This can't be the way you think of lotr. What were you thinking while reading the book (or did you think the movie was like this?) They look like some old lads looking for gold.

Art at its best.